Let's build a camper van!

Building a camper van has been a dream of mine for years.

I have had many friends in the climbing world that converted their vans into nice mobile homes, and I have always been inspired by the freedom it offers.

If you have a van that from the outside looks like a regular cargo van, but on the inside is a fully equipped home with electricity, fridge, toilet, running water, bed, cooker, living space, storage, ...

what you have is the freedom to go anywhere and be completely self-sufficient.

It's happiness, freedom, opportunity.

I live in San Diego with my fiancé and two beautiful dogs, and in normal non-covid life I have been working at UCLA since 2016. The van offers the opportunity to drive up to LA (2h without traffic, 4h in traffic) and work there for 3 days a week. No need to rent an apartment, I can live in the van, park anywhere I want, and commute to UCLA by bike.

I love it.

Building a tiny house in a van has been a huge learning curve and time investment.

I had no experience doing woodwork or electricity, and learned everything from internet after my fiancé's dad taught me how to use a jigsaw (not kidding).

The learning process was fantastic though, and in the end I did have a little cozy home on wheels!

During the covid-era we use it only for fun travel, mostly for climbing or surfing trips,

but I can't wait to start using it for work again!

If you're interested, you can see the different steps of the process in pictures here.

Warm regards!



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